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I was on the lookout for a template for editorial and content calendar on the Internet. As you can imagine, there are tons of various models available. Some are more complicated, some – less. Some are available free of charge, and some are not. Few are nice looking and again few others – quite ugly. Some templates are available for immediate download and some requiring registration etc. 

Some of those sites I registered with to download the template send mailings to their new subscribers. I have found the post picture in such email from The Content Factory. It resonated.

My first urge was to check the equation. Is 1.01 raised to 365th power indeed 37.7? It didn’t feel like it, but indeed it was – I checked. 

My second thought was – how timely. After a few weeks into active blogging, it is hard to constrain the ambitious inner grandstander who wants his public acknowledgement immediately. 

My third thought – how true. If a mere 1.01, multiplied by itself 365 times, can result in something so much bigger than original, what could be possible when starting stakes are higher. 

Let’s keep going—one small step at a time. Tortoise has as much chances to win the race, as the hare.