The art of small steps

I was on the lookout for a template for editorial and content calendar on the Internet. As you can imagine, there are tons of various models available. Some are more complicated, some – less. Some are available free of charge, and some are not. Few are nice looking and again few others – quite ugly. Some templates are available for immediate download and some requiring registration etc.  Some of those sites I registered with to download the template send mailings to their new subscribers. I have found the post picture in such email from The Content Factory. It resonated. My … Continue reading The art of small steps

Structure or die

Are you ever feeling overwhelmed with the amount of thought running through your head? Do you ever find yourself being blocked from actually completing a task or a project just because your mind is currently using all your energy creating ideas and solutions and you have nothing left to actually start doing? I find myself in that place quite often in the last few weeks. Current lockdown has enabled me to finally sit down and not only put a name to some ideas that have been nagging at the back of my mind for some months and years already, but … Continue reading Structure or die