The art of small steps

I was on the lookout for a template for editorial and content calendar on the Internet. As you can imagine, there are tons of various models available. Some are more complicated, some – less. Some are available free of charge, and some are not. Few are nice looking and again few others – quite ugly. Some templates are available for immediate download and some requiring registration etc.  Some of those sites I registered with to download the template send mailings to their new subscribers. I have found the post picture in such email from The Content Factory. It resonated. My … Continue reading The art of small steps

Who the heck is Executive Assistant?

There is very little chance you would trust the assistant in front of you to be in full control of the CEO’s life. You might find it hard to imagine that this person decides which meetings CEO will attend, prepares all speeches, reports and presentations, acts as a sparring partner and acts as a point of reference for practically everything. Welcome to The Life and Wonderful Adventures of an Executive Assistant! It’s the retinue that plays the king 🙂 Continue reading Who the heck is Executive Assistant?