Books: I think therefore I read

Books are uniquely portable magic Mr. Stephen King I live by this quote of Mr King. Books have been my best friends since I’ve learned to read, which was around the age of 5. My reading habits represent organised chaos. I have one reading list of fiction and non-fiction books, based on the various reading lists available online, suggestions of the people I know (and don’t, but follow on LinkedIn or read on Feedly or elsewhere) and recommendations of my e-reader app. I read 2-4 books in parallel and tend to drop those I don’t find entertaining, interesting, useful or … Continue reading Books: I think therefore I read

Sharing is caring or EA in the spotlight

I believe that the opportunity to share experiences is significant for personal and professional growth. I have always looked for tutors and mentors throughout my career, knowing that learning from them can benefit me immensely. Sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow colleagues is an excellent opportunity to pay tribute to some of those who helped me become who I am today. Continue reading Sharing is caring or EA in the spotlight

Things I hate about marketing emails

It is 7 30 a.m., and I am reading through my emails and news feed while at breakfast. I find this morning routine highly efficient. I quickly skim through everything, remove the least relevant information and random spam and set aside time during the week to read the longer pieces.   If you, like me, read a lot during the day, you are probably as picky as I am, when it concerns the content you read. I am quite good at managing what lands in my mailbox or my news feed on Feedly. I rarely experience troubles with having too much … Continue reading Things I hate about marketing emails

Can you actually achieve more by doing less?

Is there anyone around here who has not heard of Pareto principle (aka 20/80 rule)? I guess, not many. I think this is one of the most popular productivity tools out there. Rare time management or quality management book do not cover the rule of 20/80. Even more so, I admit that I have a very vague understanding of how it works. I mean, I have a theoretical background, I know I’ve read about the principle on several occasions. I most certainly also googled the application rules. But somehow I have never really understood it correctly. Or, to tell the … Continue reading Can you actually achieve more by doing less?

Fancy living in a littered world?

I’ve mentioned in one of my recent posts that I’ve recently spent two months in Germany, avoiding travelling during the high of the COVID-19 outbreak. Germany has always been a land of milk and honey for me – ever since secondary school was I dreaming about going there, and maybe even living there. My life path has led me to Switzerland instead. However, I am still a frequent visitor, and I always cherish particular affection for Germany deep in my heart. I used the time spent in Germany to explore the country a bit – not as a traveller, but … Continue reading Fancy living in a littered world?