After 6 years of work for the same company, I have submitted my notice. This decision was the result of long-term considerations, albeit the current specific solution (aka new employment contract) was an unexpected twist of my life. I guess universe got tired of me just contemplating and thinking and showed the unique opportunity right under my nose to save herself from listening to further monologues in my head 🙂

The fact that I’m about to quit my job has stirred my surroundings in unexpected ways, causing quite some discussions with colleagues, close friends, family members and acquaintances. 

One of my colleagues asked me how did I dare to venture out there and quit the job with the company (quoting original phrasing). The conversation with another one made me realise that while she is aware of the things that could have been run better, she has talked herself into believing that any other place would be the same. Yet another has expressed her doubts that I would be able to feel comfortable in some new, unfamiliar environment.

After some thinking over I’ve realised that what they were telling me was:

  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
  2. Change is scary
  3. Compromise and disregard what you think unfair because nowhere is different
  4. It’s them vs us.

And I wondered how different we all are. Because for me life is all about

  1. Growth only happens outside of the comfort zone
  2. Change is a chance to evolve
  3. While I believe compromises might be necessary, I won’t settle for less than I feel is right
  4. There is no them; there is only us here in the world.

It is not about being right or proving someone wrong. It is about being open minded or not. In my reality, every ending is a beginning.