Things I hate about marketing emails

It is 7 30 a.m., and I am reading through my emails and news feed while at breakfast. I find this morning routine highly efficient. I quickly skim through everything, remove the least relevant information and random spam and set aside time during the week to read the longer pieces.   If you, like me, read a lot during the day, you are probably as picky as I am, when it concerns the content you read. I am quite good at managing what lands in my mailbox or my news feed on Feedly. I rarely experience troubles with having too much … Continue reading Things I hate about marketing emails

Can you actually achieve more by doing less?

Is there anyone around here who has not heard of Pareto principle (aka 20/80 rule)? I guess, not many. I think this is one of the most popular productivity tools out there. Rare time management or quality management book do not cover the rule of 20/80. Even more so, I admit that I have a very vague understanding of how it works. I mean, I have a theoretical background, I know I’ve read about the principle on several occasions. I most certainly also googled the application rules. But somehow I have never really understood it correctly. Or, to tell the … Continue reading Can you actually achieve more by doing less?

Fancy living in a littered world?

I’ve mentioned in one of my recent posts that I’ve recently spent two months in Germany, avoiding travelling during the high of the COVID-19 outbreak. Germany has always been a land of milk and honey for me – ever since secondary school was I dreaming about going there, and maybe even living there. My life path has led me to Switzerland instead. However, I am still a frequent visitor, and I always cherish particular affection for Germany deep in my heart. I used the time spent in Germany to explore the country a bit – not as a traveller, but … Continue reading Fancy living in a littered world?

The art of small steps

I was on the lookout for a template for editorial and content calendar on the Internet. As you can imagine, there are tons of various models available. Some are more complicated, some – less. Some are available free of charge, and some are not. Few are nice looking and again few others – quite ugly. Some templates are available for immediate download and some requiring registration etc.  Some of those sites I registered with to download the template send mailings to their new subscribers. I have found the post picture in such email from The Content Factory. It resonated. My … Continue reading The art of small steps