Heinlein, Robert “The Door into Summer”

Keep looking until you have found the door into summer

Essential book information

Basic plot summary

Lovelorn and betrayed by his long-time business partner, the protagonist Dan Davis enters the “Long Sleep”, suspended animation with no future prospects, to learn upon the wake up that things might not be as disastrous as they seemed.


The storyline is told by the protagonist, Dan Davis, an ingenious engineer, accompanied by a cat, Pete, who drinks ginger ale and has a very expressive personality.

Dan is tricked into giving up his control over the company’s stock by a highly efficient and attractive secretary as an engagement present. Having lost everything, Dan seeks to face his (ex) business partner to realise that the two of them have been planning this together.

The beauty and quality of Heinlein’s prose have not been affected by the fact that the novel supposedly has been written in 13 days. The storyline is dynamic; the events are spiralling towards a happy ending, which is not in the least unexpected. The only development that left me with an aftertaste was the unnecessary encounter with the humbug secretary, who, seemingly unaware of her older age and lost attractiveness, tried to trick Dan into her arms again.

My recommendation

Heinlein’s works deserve a firm “YES” in my book world, for the stories are always interesting, the language rich and the style of writing picturesque and sometimes surprising.

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