Ramsay, Kain “Responsibility Rebellion”

Because change always requires time, energy, effort, reduction, and elimination, people facing the concept of change equate it to a loss rather than a gain, thus leading them to procrastinate on instigating any kind of change

Essential book information

Basic plot summary

The author invites the reader to explore the concept of taking responsibility to live an empowered and fulfilled life.


In one interview, the author mentioned that the book’s name comes from the general rebellion against the responsibility we face nowadays. People are refusing to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives and are constantly trying to place that responsibility on the shoulders of someone else’s, be it partner, parent, governmental institution or some higher power.

Kain Ramsay sees this type of responsibility as an act of undermining oneself. In his book, he explains how taking ownership of your life can make you feel more empowered, more in control, more fulfilled. He touches on the topics of happiness and fulfilment, choices, beliefs and values, on the idea of self-conception and self-worth, even on procrastination and optimal performance. His advice is simple but effective; his manner of telling the story is equally simple but very compelling.

My recommendation

While the basic plot summary might seem simplistic, this is one of the most influential books I have ever read. It made me aware of such concepts as core beliefs, the externality of our self-validation system (and how to internalise it), self-esteem, self-worth, and self-concept. It also made me question my driving factors to become more self-aware in a year than I have ever been in 36 years before reading it.

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