Appelo, Jurgen “How to change the world”

I like my work, but I don’t like what our management is doing. How do I deal with it?

Essential book information

Basic plot summary

Jurgen Apollo is a writer, blogger and speaker, who has summarised his experiences in this mini-book on change management. In this book, change management tips are not the heavy business discipline that involves complex processes and several stakeholders. Change management in this book is a summary of efficient tips for those readers who are, indeed, not happy with how their leadership is dealing with the company’s management. In the end, each of us has only three choices – take it, leave it or change it!


Change management from the human perspective – an invitation for each of us to “dance with complexity”. I sympathise with the preface of his book – if you are not happy with your crappy organisation – either ignore it, quit it, or change it. The change is about your actions. Only you can deal with your stuff (and seeing management as crappy is indeed your stuff, even if you are not alone in thinking so :)).

My recommendation

Suppose you are on a lookout to strengthen your position as the owner of your life and everything that happens in it. In that case, this book is an excellent perspective how to look at what is happening at your work. It empowers you through the idea that you have control over what is going on, even if at first sight, it might not seem so.

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