Palahniuk, Chuck “Invisible monsters”

Most of my adult life so far has been me standing on seamless paper for a raft of bucks per hour, wearing clothes and shoes, my hair done and some famous fashion photographer telling me how to feel.

Essential book information

Basic plot summary

A catwalk model suffers a sudden motor “accident” and hits the road searching for a brand new past, present and future.


Reinventing yourself means erasing your past and creating something better instead. Huh… Well… it very much depends on your point of view :).
This book is about beauty and how we perceive it, what is it, what does in mean to us and the world. And what can be done for it – and because of it.
It is also a book about life. And pain. And solitude. And the need to be a part of something. Another masterpiece of Palahniuk, written in his angry, edgy voice. This book raises questions and makes you think. It sometimes takes your breath away. It makes you say “what the f@@k” and it makes you laugh.

My recommendation

If you have not yet read it – start now.

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