Tipping, Colin “Radical Forgiveness”

We are not human beings having an occasional spiritual experience. Rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Essential book information

Basic plot summary

For years, I have been having a discussion with my mother, that would find no end. She would say to me that people are born good, and those are their actions that are bad, and I would counter that repeated wrong actions are a choice and that our choices define us. My mum is my most precious discussion partner, and it would kill me that I cannot understand her point of view. The book of Colin Tipping allowed me to see her reason finally.

We all, each of us, are the parts of a whole. This whole is inherently good, but it exists in the form of pure energy. The only way how this energy can experience emotions and learn making choices is through experiencing it all as a human. So we set up to live lives as humans, temporarily separating ourselves from the whole in exchange of experiencing and learning what we are curious to know. Therefore it is given that any emotion, experience and action that happens to us throughout our lives is to teach us something we have chosen to experience and to learn.

My praise and critique

Reading the book wasn’t easy. I came across it straight after the Responsibility Rebellion by Kain Ramsay, a book that I am still processing and am not yet able to write a review. Radical Forgiveness widened those new perspectives that I have discovered in Ramsay’s book. I loved it.

However, it is not a book for evening reading. It is a book for work. Questions that it stirs are significant. They are big. It is one of those books that one has to read when the time is right. And, I think, this is also one of those books that will touch everyone differently. One thing I am sure of – if the time is right, this book will not leave you unchanged. 

My recommendation

Yes. But only if you are not afraid of being changed 🙂

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