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Books are uniquely portable magic

Mr. stephen king

I live by this quote of Mr King. Books have been my best friends since I’ve learned to read, which was around the age of 5.

My reading habits represent organised chaos. I have one reading list of fiction and non-fiction books, based on the various reading lists available online, suggestions of the people I know (and don’t, but follow on LinkedIn or read on Feedly or elsewhere) and recommendations of my e-reader app. I read 2-4 books in parallel and tend to drop those I don’t find entertaining, interesting, useful or otherwise amusing.

My friends, colleagues and acquaintances keep asking me for reading suggestions quite regularly, and I’ve figured out that I might as well make my experiences public 🙂

How I rate the books I read

Gone are the days when I would simply read a book and decide I liked it. At some point in time I have lost the ability to evaluate a single book without comparing it to others that I have read. I think and dream about the stuff I am reading; I discuss the texts with my friends; I compare old and new ideas; I also search the Internet for opinions to compare them with mine and understand how people think and why do they make certain conclusions.

Here are my rating criteria

DNRI started the book, and I didn’t finish it. Yes, I do it. It does not automatically mean that the book is terrible. It merely means that in this specific life moment I am now it does not resonate. I do not rate books that I started and did not finish reading.
Books that I will never read again. In these books, the story might have been inconsistent, the language of the writer not mature enough, or maybe the message the author tried to convey was not understandable.
3Interesting. Books that are not as good as books rated 2, but I still do not feel sorry spending time on them.
2Good read. The book has quality content. The ideas are exciting and worth spending time thinking about them. The presentation of ideas and the language choice is appropriate, pleasurable to read.
1Excellent. I highly recommend reading it. Books with rating 1 are physically on my bookshelf. I re-read them randomly, when I need inspiration or feel depressed.

Stay tuned for eventual book reviews 🙂