I launched this blog in spring 2020 as a hobby. Since then, it has grown into a learning and discovery tool on the journey towards a holistic, responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

My blog features essays about responsible leadership, holistic lifestyle, personal development, efficiency, and many other relevant skills and ideas.

Over a decade-long experience working with C-Level-Executives led me to uncover my passion – empowering individuals to discover their unique strengths and potential and unfold those. As a Transformational Life coach, I see this as my work’s purpose.

I also learned that we can change the world by leading responsibly and making conscious choices. In my coaching, I aim to empower individuals to make conscious choices and become responsible leaders.

As a coach, mentor, administrative professional and individual, I believe that with the proper preparation, everything is possible. I also think that practising self-awareness, conscious decision-making and a holistic and sustainable lifestyle is empowering and paws the way to a fulfilled life.

Suppose you are interested in personal and professional development and looking for a coach or a mentor willing to share and exchange knowledge. In that case, you are in the right place. Welcome!

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