Launched in spring 2020 as a hobby, this blog has grown into a learning and discovery tool on the journey towards a holistic, responsible and sustainable lifestyle.

If you are interested in personal and professional development, efficiency, organisation, planning and lifelong learning, looking for a sounding board for your reality check or willing to share and exchange the knowledge – you are in the right place. And if you are following your curiosity and enjoy exploring the world in all its facets and features – welcome.

Few words about me.

I write short essays on time management, planning and organisation, skills and efficiency, professional ethics and habits of high-achievers (you’ll find them in the Knowledge Box).

5W1H (who what where when why how) is a growing collection of how I explore the world around me. My Monthly Impulse is an array of ideas and facts I have learned during each current month.

Aside from writing, I am a passionate reader, curious traveller, a hobby photographer and a seasoned executive assistant with a proven track record of excelling at organisation, administration, time management, event and project management.

Read, enjoy and share your thoughts with me and other readers – discussion is an exchange of knowledge (Robert Quillen).

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